Flowback Equipment

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Flowback Equipment

For over 35 years Bronco has provided impeccable flowback service and equipment; offering Flow Iron Packages, Plug (Trash) Catchers, Choke Manifolds, Tanks, and Mobile Flare Stacks to assist in the completions process.

1. Flare Stack
Our mobile trailer mounted flare stacks can be safely configured over 100 feet from volatile gases and vapors created during the flowback process. Read More

3.Double Buster Flowback Tank
Attached manifold for reduced location footprint and less wash on vital equipment downstream of the choke point. Read More

5. Choke Trailer
Pneumatic and electric powered hydraulic choke systems provide options during challenging well conditions. Remote monitoring and control of equipment, result in less risk to personnel on location. Read More

2.New Generation Flowback Tank
Series of Valves and mufflers Control the release of dangerous vapors and gasses produced during the flowback process, then safely divert them to a flare stack or containment vessel. Read More

4. Basic Open Top Flowback Tank
Standard 500BBL Capacity with infrastructure to mount mufflers above openings or tie directly into tank. Read More

6. Choke Manifolds
Hydraulic or Manually operated chokes and valves.  Our manifolds are tailored to our customers’ specifications.  All components available in various sizes, dependent on desired rating and volume. Read More

7. Double Barrel Plug Cather
Independent Dual Screens and isolation valves allow for continuous flow, eliminating need for work stoppages.  Simple threaded cap design enables quick cleaning and maintenance. Read More

8. Grease Trailer
Enclosed trailer equipped with air compressor, generator, grease manifold, tools, and workbench for prompt, on-site, equipment maintenance. Read More

9. Flowback Tree (Stack or Christmas Tree)
Multiple Variations of Manual and Hydraulic Frac Valves, along with Frac Heads, Flow Crosses, &  Spacer Spools.  All customizable to client specifications. Read More